Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

Over 40 Years Combined Criminal Defense Experience

Dealing with criminal charges is a fearsome experience. The legal system is intricate and confusing and one should never face a legal charge without a Los Angeles criminal argument lawyer to protect their rights. At Schwartz & Naderi, our legal team is a knowledgeable and aggressive group of criminal defense lawyers. Our AV-rated team have been named as Super Lawyers, a distinction only awarded to the top lawyers in the state Named Trial legal representative of the Year and on the Board of director for the Criminal Courts Bar Association, you can be sure that we have the skill and expertise necessary to defend you.

We carefully and methodically prepares each case for the defense, no matter how serious the charges. This preparation often results in discovering strong defense opportunities that can be browbeaten in the battle for the defense of your case. In many against the law cases, it requires an aggressive approach in order to increase the possibility of a better outcome. Our legal team includes a certified criminal law specialist and we take pride in their status as hard-hitting and skilled illegal lawyers. Our reputation has been earned through years of defending cases in state and federal courts in the Los Angeles area. We have over forty years of experience in the defense of illicit cases; this experience is drawn upon for every client.

Our Team Approach to Criminal Defense

At our law offices, each case is handled by a team of criminal defense lawyers. The variety of experience and knowledge shared amongst the team creates a powerful defense support for your case. In many law firms, you will be handled by a law clerk or assistant. This is not the way our firm operate. Your case will be handled by a side of criminal protection lawyers, and every aspect of the case is thoroughly reviewed and evaluated, seeking out the flaws in the case against you. the majority cases have some degree of doubt that could be expanded and exploited in the defense of the client. Law enforcement errors, violation of rights, lab errors: each detail of the case will be completely assessed with the intention of discovering a viable defense strategy.

Our firm has a policy concerning communication between the client and the firm; we call it the "callback" policy. Unfortunately, many clients that have come to our firm have not had that knowledge at other firms. Paying legal fees and then not being able to get a return call can be very frustrating. This would violate office policy and this policy is strictly maintained. You will forever be in the loop when you are represent by a illegal defense lawyer from our firm.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Our firm can assist clients emotional with virtually any type of wrong or felony criminal offense, whether in state or federal court. We also handle cases involving alleged probation violations, can protect the rights of those facing worktable warrants or arrest warrants, and are experienced in filing criminal appeals after a criminal conviction or unfair sentencing. In calculation, we offer conversant representation through the expungement process for those wishing to patent their criminal records. You may be facing false allegations of domestic violence, you may have been arrested for DUI or drug possession or you may be under study for fraud or a similar white collar crime. No matter the circumstances of your case, our team has the knowledge and resources necessary to properly address your charges.

If you or a loved or a loved one were accuse of a sex crime, your situation could not be more serious. Not only could an accusation damage your reputation for the rest of your life, but a conviction determination require you to permanently register as a sex offender and limit where you may live or work. We have successfully protected clients against allegations of child pornography possession and distribution as well as internet gender crimes, sexual battery, and statutory rape. Gang offenses generally include crimes regarding drugs or weapons. though many law firm are too afraid to handle cases of this nature, we are committed to standing up for the rights of everyone, no matter how serious the situation may appear. We can also help defend people against violent offenses. Murder, manslaughter, assault, battery, and rape are all include harsh penalties and so it is imperative that you have a strong legal advocate on your side.

Contact a Los Angeles criminal lawyer prior to questioning!

When you have be in prison and charged with a crime, whether a first DUI offense or a severe felony charge, one rule holds true: do not discuss your case or answer question until you have legal representation. In order to defend your case, you need legal direction to advise you of your rights and how to proceed in answering questions by law enforcement. Fast action by a criminal defense lawyer from our firm can make the crucial distinction in any criminal charge. Our legal team is ready to move and take the critical defense actions that may change the outcome of your case for the better.

What sets Schwartz & Naderi apart is the team move toward that we apply to every case that comes our way. Rather than transmission a legal clerk or assistant to work on your case prior to handing it over to one of our attorneys, we dedicate a team of professional to address the specifics of each criminal offense allegation that comes our way. by way of over 40 years of combined experience in the field of criminal defense, we feel that cooperatively working on a case will provide our clients with the incomparable possibility of a flourishing outcome. In many cases, the knowledge and experience of one associate will differ from that of another, and by combining the resources of our entire legal group we can better ensure that your needs and best interests will be accurately represented and firmly defended during your hearing. We work together to thoroughly review your case and decide upon the best course of action for your particular circumstance.

Contact a Los Angeles criminal legal representative at our law offices if you have been under arrest and charged with any criminal offense in the L.A. area.